Our Story

We aren't Journalists , We aren't Reporters


               To people all over the world, Hi! We are a small team of aspiring youngsters who want to do something different every day. We want to explore the world. Want to explore the topics around us and learn without boundaries. We wake up every day and it’s always the same. Elders every time, advise children to learn something daily. And we are doing the same. We are learning a thing daily. But, Knowledge is useless if it is not shared with the world. The world is evolving and you need to keep yourself updated. Youths today love cricket and Cinema and we are nothing different. Entertainment aside, we want them to learn about people, understand issues, explore topics, and widen the height of their understanding of the world. We work to create some sort of knowledge and responsibility among youngsters. There is a concept called “Learn a thing daily” and we work on the same. We explain Science, speak Politics, narrate stories, we just do everything. Don’t be that dumb person anymore. Come join us today, learn, understand, and update yourself socially. We don’t have experts in specific fields. But we work hard and try our best to provide you with valuable content. And we sure have our purpose to drive us consistently.

We aren’t Journalists, We aren’t Reporters 



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